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Noble Lock Industries
19/35, Gandhi Nagar,
Aligarh - 202001
U. P,  India

Phone : 91-571-3298701
Fax :
E-mail : contact@nobleautolocks.com

Location for City:
1. Aligarh is situated 130 Km. East from Delhi, Capital of India
Connected with airlines through Delhi, capital of India
3. Connected with India’s largest train route with stoppage of nearly all trains passing from here.
4. Connected with the Roadways (G. T. Road, India’s longest Road) is dividing city into two parts.

Our Office Location is as:
1. One Km. towards east from Railway Station
2. One Km. towards east from Roadways Bus Stand (known as Agra-Mathura Bus Stand)
3. Nice hotels and staying chambers are easily available near our office (if you want to stay)
4. Auto and rickshaws are available round the clock.

Sales/Order Customer Care/Supply Production/Quality Assurance
Mr. Rajesh Sharma
Mob. 0- 9837023244
Ph. 91-571-3298701
E mail :
Mr. K. K. Sharma
Mob. 9412517589
Ph. 91-571-3298701
E mail :
Mr. B. R. Gupta
Ph. 91-571-3298701
E mail:

Noble Lock Industries, 19/35, Gandhi Nagar, Aligarh - 202001, U. P,  India Ph. 91-571-3298701 Fax  91-571-2760138 Email contact@nobleautolocks.com