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Our Products consists of a wide variety in wide range of each and every category for two wheelers

Products Range:
     1. Ignition Lock 
     2. Handle Lock
     3. Shocker Lock (Fork Lock )
     4. Tool Box Lock
     5. Fuel Lock (Petrol Tank Lock)
     6. Helmet Lock
     7. On - Off Switchs
     8. Side Box Lock
     9. Seat Lock
    10. Barrel Lock
    11. Complete Lock Kits
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Products for Brand:
    1. Hero Honda           : Bikes        :    Splender, Splender Plus, CD Dawn, CD 100 SS, Passion, Passion Plus,
    2. Hero Honda           : Scooters   :    Activa
    3. Bajaj                     : Bikes        :   Kawasaki, Kawasaki-100, Kawasaki 4S, Boxer (AT/CT/AR), Pulser, M-50,
                                                          M-80, 125, Wind, Caliber, Caliber Chroma etc.
    4. Bajaj                     : Scooter     :   Chetak, Super, Cub, Bravo, FE-Model,
    5. LML                      : Bikes        :   Freedom, Adreno
    6. LML                      : Scooters   :   Vespa, Pulse, Sensation, XE, 150 NV, Alpha, T5, Select, Supremo
    7. TVS- Suzuki          :                     Saogun, Samurai, MX-100/Old Models
    8. TVS                      :                     Victor, Fiaro, Champ, Scooty, Super XL/XT/XLN
    9. Yamaha                :                     RX100, Crux, Rajdoot Deluxe, /Excel-T
   10. Kinetic Honda       :                     Marvel/ZX/Y2K 
   11. On-Off Ignition       :                     for mopeds and three wheelers

Product Guarantee/Warranty : Locks are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects.

Quality Policy :
                             Total customer satisfaction
                             Delivery of reliable and consistent quality products
                             Reduction of variation and wastes in all process
                             Prevention of defects in all process
                             Continual improvement in effectiveness in quality management system
                             Comply with statutory and regulatory requirement applicable to the company
                             Provide safe and healthy working environment
                             Providing quality assurance products

Noble Lock Industries, 19/35, Gandhi Nagar, Aligarh - 202001, U. P,  India Ph. 91-571-3298701 Fax  91-571-2760138 Email contact@nobleautolocks.com